According to the Newark Advocate, Ohio Rep. Jay Hottinger, said crews are working “20 hours, six-days-a-week schedule to complete phase 1 of the Buckeye lake project by June.” He also said “The sooner we can get back to normal state at Buckeye Lake, the better it will be for all people in the region.”

This is fantastic news for business owners, boaters and people who live in the area. If the water levels do indeed rise next year and the the flow of boating traffic occurs the work will be ahead of schedule and it will bring back revenue to the area.

Although they are predicting the work on the new dam will not be scheduled to be completed until 2019, they are working fast for the stability berm to be finished by June 2016 however weather will also play a big role in this time frame. If the weather cooperates and the crews can continue to work everything should come together.

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